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[Fwd: Unable to deliver your message]

From: Sergio Merino Merino
Subject: [Fwd: Unable to deliver your message]
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:27:49 +0100

eGroups escribió:

> The info-cvs group is for archival use only and does
> not accept direct postings.  If you want to post to the
> actual email list, please send your message to
> address@hidden
> For further assistance, please email address@hidden
> or visit
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Asunto: Interconnect LINUX-WINDOWS
> Fecha: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 09:15:15 +0100
> De: Sergio Merino Merino <address@hidden>
> Para: address@hidden
> I would like access to my reporitory(LINUX) since  Windows.
> I tried:
>            1. With Winrsh  I really access but not exist transfer to
> files. It executed commands but the copy of my file it did in m Linux
> machine, not in Windows since where I was executing.
>             2. With pserver since MS-DOS. But when I tried to conect and
> inntroduced
>                     cvs -d :pserver: address@hidden:/home/user/repository
> login
>         the system answered me that not exists the directory
> '/home/user/repository '
>     I tried too:
>             cvs -d :pserver: address@hidden:"/home/user/repository" login
>             cvs -d :pserver: address@hidden:'/home/user/repository' login
>         Is it possible connect both systems?
> I hope you'll forgive me by my awful english
> I hope someone answer me
> Thanks

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