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Re: check in error

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: check in error
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 20:58:44 -0500 (EST)

address@hidden writes:
> Checking in s11recordsettings.c;
> /cvsadmin/cvsroot/MNI/src/cappui/src/s11recordsettings.c,v  <--
> s11recordsettings.c
> initial revision: 1.1
> done
> CVS.EXE [commit aborted]: cannot rename file .new.s11recordsettings.c 
> to s11recordsettings.c: File exists
> **************************************************************
> But the file has been checked in;he says he had the file opened in 
> another text editor at the time of checking in.I am at a loss to 
> explain why it gave that message in the end.Can someone explain why 
> it tried to create another file called .new.s11recordingsettings.c?

What happened is that the file was successfully checked in to CVS, but
the attempt to update the local checked-out copy of the file (with new
keyword expansions) is what failed.  In order to avoid trashing your
local copy of a file in the event of an error, CVS checks out the newly
committed file with a temporary name (.new.s11recordingsettings.c in
this case) and then after the checkout has completed successfully, it
renames it to the correct name.  Since the file was open in a text
editor, the text editor must have had it locked and the rename failed. 
The user should do a ``cvs update'' on the file to bring it up to date.

-Larry Jones

I hate it when they look at me that way. -- Calvin

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