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CVS server as CGI program ?

From: David Shadoff
Subject: CVS server as CGI program ?
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 02:26:43 -0500

I have some open-source projects that I am currently using CVS on, and I
would like to make them more open-source, so I can collaborate with some
developers I trust around the world.

To my knowledge, all current "distributed" CVS implementations require some
sort of shell login access at the server or authorization to run a daemon.
I was hoping to make this a 24-hour repository, sitting on an ISP that I
have an account at - but they will not let me administer logins or run
daemons, and shell access is rare anyway.

Is there currently an implementation of the CVS client-server protocol that
can run the CVS server as a CGI application under a web server ?  That
would be the ideal solution for many small projects like my own.

If it doesn't exist, it need not change the existing implementations by
much; the "remote" (login) implementation is already close.  This idea
would need just a few PERL scripts implement the interactive protocol and
invoke the cvs commands as necessary.  And there would be some slight
changes to the way in which the client converses with the server.  Thus,
the CVS server would run as "nobody", and several pseudo-users could exist,
by way of an authentication/password file (which could be different for
each posted repository).

Does anybody have any information ?

- Dave

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