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Re: "notify" file

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: "notify" file
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 08:28:46 -0500

Tomás Velek wrote:
> I thank everyone who have send me the answers, but I still don't know, how
> to get to know, what I want to know.
> Is there a simple way, how to inform the other users about my commit. I'd
> like the other users to get email, that contain names of the commit files
> and who who were they commited.
> To achieve this this I'd prefer 'notify' file, that will run extern mailing
> program (in my case 'postie.exe', that I found on internet). I'd like use
> the 'notify' file for every user to choose whether to receive email
> notification or not (with help Watch add command).
> If it is possible, please give me advice. Minutely, if you can.
> I'd be very obliged to you.
> P.S. I supposed, that I only write one line to 'notify' file to right
> working on NT server. For examle:
> ALL postie -to:%s -msg:"Parameters, which I ask you"
> Is possible it?
> Tomas
If you have a cm account (or even a dummy account that can be controlled by cm 
cm does checkins) have that account do a 
cvs watch add -a commit
at the head of your tree and then change your 'notify' file to
ALL postie -to:ALL_MY_PROJECT -msg:"Parameters, which I ask you"

where ALL_MY_PROJECT is an alias on your mail host to everyone in your group, 
will force it out to everyone.  My preference though has always been to leave 
-to: as -to:%s and request that everyone on the project run cvs watch add -a
commit in the directories they may be changing, that way if it is a big project
they are not getting hundreds of emails a day for directories that may/do not
affect them.

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