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Re: location of /CVS/ directories

From: Mark Harrison
Subject: Re: location of /CVS/ directories
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 11:29:06 +0800

Ken Versteeg <address@hidden> wrote:
> Due to an application which is incapable of ignoring CVS directories, I
> have a need to 'hide' the /CVS/ directories in my development source
> tree.  I'm wondering if there is a CVS setting which I could use to put
> the /CVS/ directories into another location (i.e. a directory structure
> which mirrors the one I'm working in?  Is there any way to control the
> location of the /CVS/ directories?

There's not an automatic way to do it.
I had a similar situation, and wrote a cvs wrapper that would
shuffle the directories around.

>From memory, it went something like this:


# restore the cvs directories to their correct place

cd $BKUP
for i in `find . -name CVS -print|sort`;do
    b=`dirname $i`
    mv $i $TOP/$b
    echo mv $i $TOP/$b

# now do the cvs command

cvs $*

# move the cvs directories away
# (you have to do this one time in the beginning to
# initialize the BKUP dir)

cd $TOP
mkdir -p $BKUP
for i in `find . -name CVS -print|sort`;do
    b=`dirname $i`
    mkdir -p $BKUP/$b
    echo mv $i $BKUP/$b
    mv $i $BKUP/$b


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