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location of /CVS/ directories

From: Ken Versteeg
Subject: location of /CVS/ directories
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 17:43:46 -0600

Hi all,

Due to an application which is incapable of ignoring CVS directories, I
have a need to 'hide' the /CVS/ directories in my development source
tree.  I'm wondering if there is a CVS setting which I could use to put
the /CVS/ directories into another location (i.e. a directory structure
which mirrors the one I'm working in?  Is there any way to control the
location of the /CVS/ directories?

Thanks in advance,


Ken Versteeg
5520 Research Park Dr.  Madison, WI  53711
(608)298.1246  pager:376.6573  cell:212.2556
Berbee...putting the E in business.

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