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Help in setting author in log files

From: Niaz Ali Khan
Subject: Help in setting author in log files
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 09:38:23 -0500

I have just started implementing CVS for our software project. Firstly
I like to thank everybody
who was involved in writing CVS and making it available for everyone to
use. It is not only very
easy to set up but also easy to use and maintain. I just have one small
question that I am confused
about. I have read the user manuals written by Cederqvist and Karl
Fogel. They are excellent
manuals, so the reason I am asking the question is not because of
anything lacking in the manual
but because I could not understand something.

Now for my question. We have a software on which about 5-6 developers
work. I created an
account on a DEC/alpha machine for the central repository. Then
I created a repository and did
an import on the project. Everything worked fine. Next I set up the
users on different machines
by doing a checkout through "rsh". That worked fine too. Users can edit
files, do commits and updates
all without any problems. The only problem is that when a log is done on
a file, it displays the
"author" as the account name in which the Repository resides even though
different users have
done commits on the files. In the manuals in examples of log I see
different names in the author
field. What am I missing? From what I understood after reading the
manuals the author name in
the log files is the name of the user who does an import on the project.
Since a number of developers
are checking out files from this project how do their names get
reflected in the log file. Also if
every developer were to do an import, then there won't be any central
repository and everybody
will have their own individual repositories. If anyone could help me out
with this problem, I would
really appreciate it.

Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.


Niaz Ali Khan
E.T.A. Inc.

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