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Re: pserver groups

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: pserver groups
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 12:26:12 -0500

You might also want to look into file system ACLs (man getfacl or man setfacl
for more info).


address@hidden on 2000.12.01 11:59:54

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Subject:  Re: pserver groups

Brendan Fitzpatrick wrote:
>Is there anyway for pserver to grant 'group' access to a user? I have
>several projects and would like to grant users access to different
>projects, an example of what I'm looking for is:
>I know this doesn't work, but is there a way to implement this

Are you running on Unix?  If so, just use different Unix groups for
different projects.

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