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Re: [PATCH] cvs diff exit status

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: [PATCH] cvs diff exit status
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 11:04:15 -0500

I see.  Sorry, I had misread your email.

I agree with your comment that, ideally, cvs diff should exit with the same
statuses (stati :-) as diff.  I haven't delved into the code as you have to see
how feasible it is, though.


address@hidden on 2000.12.01 10:44:38

To:   address@hidden
cc:   address@hidden
Subject:  Re: [PATCH] cvs diff exit status

It's not.  cvs turns the return codes from the diff() function into
useless information:

from main.c( I'm adding in my comments ):
     /* call the diff() function */
     err = (*(cm->func)) (argc, argv);

     /* At this point err is 0 - for no diff, 1 for a diff, 2 for error */
    /* This is exit rather than return because apparently that keeps
       some tools which check for memory leaks happier.  */
     /* Here we exit the program, it turns 1 and 2 into program failures */
    exit (err ? EXIT_FAILURE : 0);


On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 10:36:06AM -0500, Noel L Yap wrote:
> The exit status of "cvs diff" is exactly the same as the exit status of "diff"
> (man diff for more info).  Why not test the exit status itself:
> cvs diff blah
> if [ $? -lt 2 ]
> then
>      echo success
> else
>      echo failure
> fi
> address@hidden on 2000.12.01 09:59:07
> To:   address@hidden
> cc:   (bcc: Noel L Yap)
> Subject:  [PATCH] cvs diff exit status
> When the cvs diff command is run it attempts to return one of
> three status codes to main:
> 0 - files same
> 1 - files different
> 2 - Some sort of error has occurred
> main interprets and return codes > 0 as a cvs program failure.
> I've changed diff.c to return only success or failure.  Success
> is either the '0' or '1' state outlined above.  Failure is the
> '2' state.
> The reason that I have done this is because the current cvs
> code returns EXIT_FAILURE for both '1' and '2' outlined above.
> When I run a cvs diff command and check the programs return code
> I have no way of telling whether cvs ran successfully or cvs found
> some diffs without parsing the output from cvs as well.
> Thanks!
> donald

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