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Re: diff in commit message (was: Multiple-line log message)

From: Gerhard Sittig
Subject: Re: diff in commit message (was: Multiple-line log message)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 09:00:28 +0100

On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 22:30 -0400, Larry Jones wrote:
> [ ... ]  I have no idea what the FreeBSD folks have done to
> CVS, but it appears that they have at least added a global
> option.  To my knowledge, they've made no attempt to get input
> from the CVS developers or share their changes with us.

For a quick overview here's what I could dig up after you
implanted the feeling in me that "FreeBSD's CVS is somewhat
different from the standard CVS":

There's a file /usr/src/contrib/cvs/FREEBSD-upgrade (if only I
had the bookmark around with the web frontend to the FreeBSD
source repo -- I can provide it on Tuesday) with the most
important section for you at its end:

Current local changes:
  - CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM environment variable support for choosing the
    magic branch number.  (for CVSup local-commit support)
  - CVSREADONLYFS environment variable and global option -R to enable
    no-locking readonly mode (eg: cvs repo is a cdrom or mirror)
  - the verify message script can edit the submitted log message.
  - if pserver username is "anoncvs", implicitly use a password of "anoncvs".
  - CVSROOT/options file
  - Variable keyword expansion controls including custom keywords.
  - $ CVSHeader$ keyword - like Header, but with $CVSROOT stripped off.

> [ ... ] you may want to suggest it (strongly!) to whoever is
> working on CVS for FreeBSD.  You may also want to suggest that
> they communicate a bit better with the CVS developers.

I copied your request for feedback to address@hidden who seems
to maintain the cvs contrib package.

FYI:  FreeBSD's -STABLE branch comes with cvs 1.10.7, -CURRENT
has imported 1.11 lately.

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