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Syncing New Working Directories with an Old cvs Repository

From: Alexy Khrabrov
Subject: Syncing New Working Directories with an Old cvs Repository
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 10:35:04 -0400

Greetings --

I have an interesting reverse-update case: my working copies are OK, but

the partition where the CVS repository is kept was formatted over by a
buggy Red Hat 7.0 anakonda installer (fixed a day later:-).

I restored the CVS repository from its  backup, but many
working files are now several versions ahead.  Doing "cvs up"
seems to have overwritten newer working files -- I'd have to restore
them again from their own backup, which is fresh.  Is it because of the
newer date on the restored files?

So I have a set of newer working files and an old CVS repository.
Of course I can't get intermediate history versions there,
but I simply want to continue working as before in my home,
usual, keeping the new working copies and committing them to the
repository.  Simple attempts to commit ran into the prpoblem of new
working modules nonexistent in the old  repository -- I had to manually
create directories in the repository...

What is the best way to go about syncing the current home directory,
with many of its subdirectories being current working copies of CVSed
modules, with an old CVS repository restored from backup, missing some
modules?  is there a way to handle it automatically?

Alexy Khrabrov :: :: Age Quod Agis

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