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Re: pserver and absolute path

From: Martin McClure
Subject: Re: pserver and absolute path
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 19:23:31 -0700

stephane picard wrote:

>             we just implemented pserver acces method after years of "normal"
>             (through rsh) method... and we face a small problem that we'd 
> like to
>             bypass : 


>             host> cvs status /home/picard/mod1
>             cvs [server aborted]: absolute pathname `/home/picard/mod1' 
> illegal
>             for server

Absolute pathnames don't, I found today, work with rsh client/server

Absolute pathnsmes to checkouts do seem to work for local repositories
(not using client/server.) Here, we ran local (accessing the repository
through NFS) for years, but switched to client/server with rsh

The only documentation I can find of this issue is todo #192, which
fails to mention the fact that absolute pathnames do work for local

Todo 192 makes it clear why it's unsafe to use absolute pathnames in
client/server, but I'm not sure why it's safe to use absolute pathnames
in local CVS (or whether it is, indeed, safe.)

-Martin McClure
GemStone Systems, Inc.

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