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cvswrappers and binary files

From: Bertrand . Lanos
Subject: cvswrappers and binary files
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 16:11:46 +0200

I'm trying to uuencode and uudecode binary files with the following line in the
cvswrappers file :

*.pbl -t 'uuencode %s' -f 'uudecode %s'

the cvs add command is OK, but the cvs commit returns the following error :
"cvs -Q commit -m 'Initial Version'
RCS file: /usr/REPOS/pmsv71/prod/pb/src/pblessai/BLBL_8.pbl,v
/home/bl465/scripts/CVSencode BLBL_8.pbl /tmp/cvsGAXXab
cvs [commit aborted]: cannot lstat BLBL_8.pbl: No such file or directory"

Is it a bad use or a know bug ?

Bertrand LANOS

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