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cvswrapper with client/server

From: Ludwig Öfele
Subject: cvswrapper with client/server
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 17:30:20 +0200


I wanted to have a version file with an entry which is incremented at
each checkin or checkout. That means I wanted to have a file patched 
while being checked in or out.So I played around with cvswrappers and 
the -t and -f entries. It didn't work with WinCVS. This is documented 
(not working in client/server environment). 
My second try was an -i option at my module. In the modules files there
is now an entry:

vc              -i /usr/local/bin/vc vc

It worked fine as long as I worked locally on my cvs server (1.10.2
client/server), but failed again (without error message), when I tried
with WinCVS (1.0.6). Can anybody help me?

mfg Ludwig

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