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Getting the version number in a "notify" message

From: Aldo Longhi
Subject: Getting the version number in a "notify" message
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 10:42:10 EDT

CVS gurus:

I have written a script (Perl) that is called via
the "notify" administrative file and it works great,
but I would like to include the new *version number*
of the file that was just committed in the notification
message that gets sent out.  As far as I can see in
the CVS documentation (Cederqvist), this information
is NOT passed to the "notify" script by CVS (as it is
for other "trigger" operations).  Can someone suggest
a way to find the version number that was most recently
committed?  The information available is:
   Repository location (absolute path)
   Path within the repository
   File name
   Username that did the "commit"

I could probably resort to an RCS command ("rlog"?)
to access the "*,v" file directly, but I would rather
not.  I thought maybe I could use the "cvs history"
command, but I do not have any experience with this
command and it seems to take about a dozen option
flags and arguments.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.  =:-]

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