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rcs -> cvs .....

From: Jody Brownell
Subject: rcs -> cvs .....
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 10:33:51 -0300


I have a small dilema. In our current development environment we have
two seperate source trees. One of which is under RCS where development is on
going for another month or two. The other tree is under CVS as a new
Both trees have identical structure but have followed different paths of

My problem is this, every now and again, source form the RCS tree will have
be merged with the CVS tree so version 3.2 of our product will have certain
fixes etc. But only certain fixes not all of them :) anywho ....

The only way I have been able to succeed it to copy files from the working
version into the working CVS directory. Then perform an update. The only
problem is
if the working copy of the CVS is the latest in the repository, no merge is
The only work around I could find would be to do a *dumb* commit on the file
from a
different working directory and redo the update/merge. This works enough to
be able to
remove any discrepencies between the RCS and CVS track, which I will later

Is there any other way to perform the merge/update from RCS to CVS with out
the copying,
*dumb* commit etc?


Jody Brownell
Product Development
Core Networks Inc.

Ph: (902) 481-5750, ext. 2132
Fax: (902) 481-5799

CoreOS - Broadband Provisioning System -
Streamline account provisioning, support processes, IP address and DHCP
management and RF level monitoring, for both DOCSIS and proprietary systems.

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