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CVS event mechanism?

From: Andrew Gilmartin
Subject: CVS event mechanism?
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 13:14:43 -0400

Has there been any proposals to add an event handling mechanism to CVS much
like there is in Apache? (Apache allows your to associate code to any of the
stages of its processing of a web request. This powerful mechanism allows
you to redirect and or modify Apache's default response to the request.) CVS
has a little of this today with the loginfo, commitinfo, etc handlers. Over
the last several days I have needed 1) to tag files as they are committed
and 2) add the recent "list" patch. The first was accomplished with
information from the FAQ
(, but I really can't
trust it (due to race conditions) and the second was accomplished by
patching and rebuilding CVS. This seems like the wrong way to enhance my
organization's use of CVS. I would rather take a prebuilt CVS and then
configure it to 1) run before a commit and after a
commit and 2) dynamically load the LIST module. I suspect that if such a
mechanism existed it would not be long before we have a mod_perl, mod_tcl,
mod_snake scriping modules.

Andrew Gilmartin
Mesa Systems International

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