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Re: platform and compilers compatibility

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: platform and compilers compatibility
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:27:00 -0400

Jin Zhao wrote:

> We have cvs-1.10 client running quite well on Solaris 7. The newest
> cvs-1.11 should be OK too.

1.11 passes build & tests on Solaris 2.6, so yeah, it should be okay on
2.7 & 2.8 - I'm assuming 2.8 can run 2.6 binaries, but I'm sure 2.7
could.  That applies to compiling fresh too.

> We use gcc-2.82 and make-3.78(GNU). Go to to get
> those free stuffs for solaris.  It 's always a better choice to use
> GNU tools for building open source softwares.

Well, I wouldn't say always, but you'll likely have less trouble.


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Teacher is not a leper.
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