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checkout aborted: end of file from server

From: Ben Keating
Subject: checkout aborted: end of file from server
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 15:10:42 -0500

> I'm having a problem checking out a working copy of a project.  I'm in a
> client/server UNIX environment (using the c shell).  I'm on machine <Mine>
> and the repository is on machine <Repos>.   I have all permissions
> necessary to access machine <Repos>, and I can "cat" all of the repository
> files via telnet (or less or more them, whatever, I have rwx perm.).  I
> have set the env. variables in my home dir on <Repos> in the .cshrc dir as
> follows:
>       setenv <TAB> CVSROOT <TAB> <location of repos> 
>       setenv <TAB> CVS_SERVER <TAB> <location of cvs binary executable>
> (on server )
> And set the env. variable in my home dir. on the <Mine> machine as
> follows:
>       setenv <tab space> CVSROOT <tab space> :ext:<accnt on
> address@hidden>:/<location of repos>
>       setenv <tab space> CVS_SERVER <tab space> <location of cvs binary
> executable> (on client )
> I'm also included in the cvs group and the UNIX group.  My .cshrc on the
> <Repos> and <Mine>  are identical to that of the other users with the
> exact same permissions.  They are not having trouble.  Actually, I helped
> set them up.
> For me, however, when I type the following, this is what happens:
>       > cvs -td :ext:<accnt on address@hidden>:/<location of repos> co <name
> of module>
>          -> Starting server:  rsh <Repos> -l <usr name> /<location of cvs
> binary> server
>         cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above
> messages if any)
>       >
A tail on the <Repos> messages (and syslog) says:

>       <DATE>  <Repos> in.rshd[<####>]: connect from <Mine>
>       <DATE>  <Repos> rsh[<####>]: connect second port:  Connection timed
> out
I am also using tkcvs, and the checkout command receives the same message
from there.  Any suggestions.  I've checked a few of the logs, but not

> Thank you,
> Ben Keating

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