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Re: checkout via tagname, then can't add

From: David H. Thornley
Subject: Re: checkout via tagname, then can't add
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:00:30 -0500

Kris Herrald wrote:
> I am having some problems and can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
> Hopefully, you can help.
> Summary
> I want to checkout files based on a nonbranch tag name. Based on these
> files I will be creating new files. These new files will need to be
> added, then committed, and finally tagged. I can't seem to get these new
> files added to the repository. The error message I get is: "cannot add
> file on nonbranch tag 'tagname' "  I definitely do not want to create a
> branch, I am not trying to set a branch tag. I want to use a plain, main
> trunk, tag name to do my checkout.
If you are not trying to create a branch, exactly what are you
trying to do?  You are apparently trying to take a previous version
of the file, modify that version, and save it as...what?

Where is the new version of the file going to go?  It apparently
isn't going to be in the main trunk, since there's a divergence.
It has to go on a branch somewhere.  CVS does not support versions
of files floating around, unrelated to anything else.

> Detail Commands
> 1. cvs checkout -r tagname htdocs
> 2. creating new files in the same directories that were originally
> checked out
> 3. cvs update -A  filenames  (this was an attempt to remove the sticky
> tag)
> 4. cvs add newfiles
> 5. error message occurs: "cannot add file on nonbranch tag 'tagname' "
That seems a bit odd.  cvs update -A should not only remove the sticky
tag, but update to the head of the trunk.  If this is acceptable, then
you should just add everything on the trunk and retag it there.  If
it is not, then you need to put the revision on a branch.

> Can you not checkout via nonbranch tag and then add files to it- even if
> you do an update -A????

CVS supports the changing of files along defined tracks, which can
be the trunk or a branch.  Remember that, while the users should
be concerned with tags and not revision numbers, CVS has to have
revision numbers.  What revision number should the file as modified

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