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newbie question - specifing a group name for CVS to use on add/import

From: Sean Joyce
Subject: newbie question - specifing a group name for CVS to use on add/import
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 13:58:53 +0100

Hi all,

I'm new to CVS and also to this list so if this is a really obvious
question that's answered in a FAQ somewhere can someone let me know
where the FAQ is :)

We've got CVS installed and working fine on a Linux server and we have
clients (WinCVS) on NT machines. The problem we have is that we have to
manually do a chgrp on all new directories/files added to a repository.
If we don't do this, only the person who added the files in that
directory can edit files located in that directory. the error we get is
permission denied. 

After doing a chgrp on the repository to a group the users belong to
everything works fine. Am I missing some obvious configuration setting
to tell CVS which group name to use when creating files/directories in
the repository.

current setup:
- CVS server using pserver authentication on the Linux machine
  (standard /etc/passwd entries) version 1.11 downloaded, not built
- clients are WinCVS version 1.0.6 and the only cvs version option it
  is 1.10. I assume there were no big protocol changes between 1.10 and
1.11 :)
- clients have a CVSROOT like this address@hidden:/home/cvsroot 
  (The :pserver: bit gets added by WinCVS as it makes the connection)
- inetd.conf entry is:
  2401 stream tcp nowait /usr/bin/cvs cvs --allow-root=/home/cvsroot

After importing/adding a file its permissions are as expected -r--r--r--
directory permissions are drwxrwxr--. The username *and* group name are
those of the person who imported/added the files/directories. I would
have expected the group name to be an actual group name rather than the

Any help would be appreciated as its a little tedious to do these

Sam Joyce.

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