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From: Brian Dunleavy
Subject: help...
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:01:08 -0600

I'm not sure where to ask this or where to look for a solution in
documentation, or even where this email ends up.  If anyone would be able to
answer or direct me... I would greatly appreciate it.

I have:
downloaded and loaded CVS on a new Solaris 2.7 server.
downloaded and loaded CVS (client) on a new windows 2000 desktop pc.
(I also loaded WINcvs desktop to take a look at)

How to I get the win2k desktop machine to access the SUN soloris server?
should CVS on a win client connect without anything complex?
Or is it fairly complex?

Any help or direction at all would be great.

Brian Dunleavy
Micro Linear

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