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cvsweb patch for ro annotate

From: Gary Granger
Subject: cvsweb patch for ro annotate
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:10:51 -0600

Here is a patch to cvsweb.cgi version 1.93 from Henner Zeller's cvsweb
download site (  I
found a simple change to allow annotate to work without write access to the
history file or repository directories: add the -n option with the
Global_option c/s message.  I can't remember seeing anything about this
recently, so hopefully this is useful and not redundant.


Gary Granger                              address@hidden
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Index: cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi
diff -c cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi: cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi:1.2
*** cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi:   Tue Oct 17 12:54:56 2000
--- cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi   Tue Oct 17 13:01:22 2000
*** 1040,1045 ****
--- 1040,1046 ----
      print $writer "Argument -r\n";
      print $writer "Argument $rev\n";
      print $writer "Argument $where\n";
+     print $writer "Global_option -n\n";
      # The protocol requires us to fully fake a working directory (at
      # least to the point of including the directories down to the one

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