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[PATCH] cvs list

From: Peter Bowen
Subject: [PATCH] cvs list
Date: 17 Oct 2000 04:22:13 +0500

I started on a patch to add a list option to cvs.  It came about because
I wanted to run things like bonsai and cvsweb on remote repositories.  I
guess you could say "I scratched an itch", as Eric S. Raymond has put

It is based on patch.c, which I belatedly discovered might not have been
the best idea, as it uses the do_module function which refers to trigger
scripts in the comments.  It currently lists all the files, as expected,
but I am not sure how to get it to list all the directories.  If someone
could help with this is would be appreciated.

The are XX options available:
-r to get a list of files based on tag/branch
-D to get a list of files based on date
-l to turn off recursion
-R to force recursion
-s to not show state, author, version, and date for each file
-a to list all files, even if they have state == dead
-b to not show directory name for each file
-? to get help

The default output has state, version, author, date, directory, and
filename listed for each file in the module.  The author field has a
width of 35, which is fairly large, but is the longest length username
on's CVS repository.

I have not implemented any functionality to list the top level
directories, but rather require the user to specify the module or
directory to list.  I chose to do this because some repository
administrators use the fact that you can't easily get a list of
modules/top level directories as a feature.

I would appreciate any assistance with this option, and would hope that
this will eventually make it into a release of cvs.

Peter Bowen

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