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Re: Branching

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: Branching
Date: 16 Oct 2000 15:41:14 -0400
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You need to set the "sticky tag" for the file/directory to R3-07-01:

  cvs update -r R3-07-01

It probably current has a sticky tag of R3-07-02, which is a
*non*branch tag, and cvs won't allow you to commit in that case (it
only allows you to commit if there's no sticky tag at all (ie, you're
at the end of the trunk) or if the sticky tag is a branch tag (ie,
you're at the tip of a branch).

Tommy McNeese <address@hidden> writes:

> Branching question.
> If I have the a file main.c
> It's current HEAD is 2.18
> On revision 2.16 I have a branch with a tag name R2-19-01.
> I then tag R2-19-01 to R2-19-02.
> When I try to commit to the branch it says I can commit because it's not a
> branch.
> Here is what CVS display when I do a cvs log main.c
> RCS file: /home/cvsroot/proj1/main.c,v
> Working file: main.c
> head: 2.18
> branch:
> locks: strict
> access list:
> symbolic names:
> R3-07-02: 2.16
> R3-07-01:
> ..
> ..
> ..
> >From looking above, CVS did make a branch on R3-07-01, so why can't I commit
> anything to it?
> Thanks,
> Tommy
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