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Re: Cvsnt merge with main cvs source tree ??

From: Tony Hoyle
Subject: Re: Cvsnt merge with main cvs source tree ??
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 20:16:51 +0100

"Andrew G. Tereschenko" wrote:
> Don't you want save your time and give
> full WIn32 server to core cvs team ??
The diff from cvs-1.10.8 is available from the website.  If they want
to merge it they can.  However I doubt there's any will or intention
to do it.

There are a lot of binary/text fixes in the cvsnt source tree, several
where I've had to weaken the case sensitivity, etc.  to merge that into
main tree would be a lot of work for someone.  You'd have to make sure
that the
existing functionality was unimpaired.  I doubt you could do that in all
The removal of 'cvs admin -l' was a decision I took after the info-cvs
people had
just spent a week arguing whether it was a good idea.  Ditto the extra
error message
when the CVSROOT is incorrect.  Things like :ntserver: mode are cvsnt
those bits won't even compile on a unix system, and I'm not certain it's
protected by #ifdefs.

Anyway do the Unix people really want cvs littered with '#ifdef
_WIN32'...'#endif' macros?

> I wish fully functional CVS server for Win32
> will be available from main source tree and don't
> have delays with security/bug fixes issues.

Often fixes have been going into cvsnt *before* the main cvs tree.  In
some ways (cvs edit -c
for example) the cvsnt tree is ahead of the main tree (which has been
around for a year but
still isn't in 1.11).

Ultimately it's all GPL software.  I don't control it, nor would I wish
to.   If you want to make patches to
add server functionality to the main CVS tree then that's fine by me. 
It'll make my own diffs smaller.


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