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webcvs "current tag()"

From: Jari Perttunen
Subject: webcvs "current tag()"
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 16:54:17 +0300

I'm trying to set up "cvsweb" (by Henner Zeller).

The system displays directory structures of the projects
but will not  display individual files in the directories.
The (error) message is:

    "NOTE: There are <n> files, but none matches the current tag ()"

where <n> is the correct number of files in the directory. 
(I have very limited knowledge in perl prevents me from 
 changing or hacking the source code and I don't think
 problem is there.)

The cvs version is 1.10. and the "cvsweb" 1.93.

Jari Perttunen      
email: address@hidden
tel: +358-9-85705362
fax: +358-9-85705361

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