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CVS on Windows

From: clauzel
Subject: CVS on Windows
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 22:58:44 -0000
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I can create a module with local repository with JBuider3.5 CVS 
client for win32 that I downloaded from 
- But I wonder if it's a good use. I checked out module on another 
machine and I could modify, check in and so on. Is it possible to 
lock a file for a user so that others will not be able to modify it 
or is just with server repository? 
- In JB3.5, there is no way to configure CVS, we have just basic 
functionalities... Will use of WinCVS be a better solution?
- We have only NT servers. I read that a CVS server exits on What about it?
If we choose CVS, will it be possible to retrieve our PVCS archives 
to put them in CVS?

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