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Re: CVSROOT problem

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: Re: CVSROOT problem
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 09:13:00 -0400

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From: "Rafal Kedziorski" <address@hidden>
> I want to lock the access to CVSROOT for users. Only the admin of the
> repository should change it. How do I make that?

If you just want to prevent people from modifying certain files, you can
use your filesystem's read/write bits.  Just make sure that the files in
the CVSROOT module on the repository machine are chgrp'ed to a group
that only admins can be part of, and then make them group writeable.

If you're interested in:

(a) being able to stop people from doing the above
(b) being able to prevent people from adding and removing tags based on
file name, file revision and/or tag name
(c) being able to prevent people from committing on a branch
(d) being able to freeze a project
(e) being able to work around cranky repository administrators (i.e.
"all users contacting this repository via pserver are mapped to a single
user id so that the repository machine only has one system account on
it" --> this kind of policy prevents you from using regular filesystem
(f) being able to maintain access control list information in a
moderately readable format

...keep an eye on  I'll be
releasing files there by the end of the month.


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