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Re: Getting and Installing CVS on Windows 2000

From: Win 32M$
Subject: Re: Getting and Installing CVS on Windows 2000
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:30:04 +0800

Dear Derek,

> You'll probably want a *nix for a server, though I understand WinCVS has
> a server that works under NT now.

Just to clarify:
1. WinCvs has a windows version of CVS client. It also works in local mode.
2. WinCvs is also a client, a GUI sitting on top of the cvs client
3. WinCvs does not HAVE the server.
4. There is however the NT server maintained by Tony Hoyle. Get it from:
5. You get WinCvs from:

NT server comes with it's own version of cvs client and server. That version
is actually better in some way than the Unix version. It can use the NT
security mechanics for authentication and it is TRULY CONCURENT version of
CVS, eg. there is no locking (no "cvs admin -l") and there is the Noel's
"cvs edit -c/-f" patch applied.

BTW: It is a shame that Noel's patch didn't make it to the Unix CVS. I mean

Best Regards,

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