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GUI CVS clients?

From: Rob Furr
Subject: GUI CVS clients?
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 21:20:58 -0400

Forgive the obvious newby question, but I'm at a loss. I'm reasonably new to system administration - I'm doing it because I'm the only one here with any unix experience at all - and I'm being asked to set up a CVS system for the content developers here - they're generating homegrown-XML-schema documents with various visual tools, and none of them particularly want to learn unix. I've got CVS running adequately under FreeBSD 4.1 from the command line - I can check documents in and out all day long, update, commit, and so on - but WinCVS and MacCVS (not MacCVS Pro) are giving me fits. I can check out a folder, I can import a folder, but it won't let me update or commit individual files. The initial upload of files to the unix server works - subsequent attempts to modify them fail with (if memory serves) an "error code 1" or some such. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? What environmental variable I've failed to set? (I'm using pserver, I've configured virtual accounts to point to a user named "cvs", which owns the /usr/cvs directory that I'm trying to use as a repository, and it bleedin' well works, even remotely, from the unix command line. Argh.)

I've got a log of a session showing where it succeeds and where it fails that I could send to the list, but I'd rather not spew a hundred lines of fluff at the list without cause.

Rob Furr

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