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Re: commitinfo variables

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: Re: commitinfo variables
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:02:47 -0400

"Alexander N. Spitzer" wrote:
> are there anymore variables then just
> i.e. is there a variable with the command line params in it/and or tags?

No.  But note that taginfo provides you with the tag that the person is
adding, moving, or removing, so perhaps that's what you want?

> If not, I think this would be a great addition.

Yes; you are quite right in general--the interface for these programs is
piecemeal and inconsistent.  Incidentally, you can't get other things
that would be nice to have, like the proposed new revision number before
the commit happens (so you can't therefore prevent commits that are
going onto particular branches), or whether a branch tag is being
applied or just a regular one.

See for my attempts to
expose as much of this scattered information that's *already* available
in a clean perl OO sort of way.


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