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Getting and Installing CVS on Windows 2000

From: Chris Rose
Subject: Getting and Installing CVS on Windows 2000
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 20:15:55 -0000
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Hi Everyone

This is my first post to this group, so please forgive me for asking 
questions that you may consider "stupid".

I would like to use CVS on Windows 2000 (and then later, if it's 
available, Solaris for the x86 platform).

My questions are:

i) From the GNU site's list of mirrors, I can get CVS from up the road from me!), 
but which 
file/s do I need for Win 2000 (or do I need a totally different 

ii) How do I set up CVS to work on a standalone system? I've used 
Perforce, and it was initially a little confusing exactly how to get 
it set up.

iii) In the short-term, I will be using CVS for versioning control, 
working alone on a standalone system, but later I'd like to be able 
to use a central depository so I can checkin and checkout files from 
work and home - can I do this, and what's the best way to go about it?

Thanks in advance.


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