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Help: Add project to existing repository

From: Jim_Doll
Subject: Help: Add project to existing repository
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:45:30 -0700


New to CVS, and having some implementation issues.  Have an exisiting


Have an exisiting project in above repository:     project1

Attempting to add a second project, project2, at the same directory level
as project1.  Desired result here is:

First, attempted to import files to project2, and, all of the project1
files were imported (copied fortunately)
to project2, along with the files that I wanted imported.  But, the
project2 directory was repeated twice,
so I ended up with

and  project2/project2/project2

project1, fortunately, was left untouched.

Well, a cvs knowledgeable person said that to remove these from the
repository, use that old rm -rf command in the project2 dir,
and, be careful.  This has been completed successfully.

Now, trying to not repeat the above, have attempting to add the project2
directory, and am receiving the following error messages:

cvs [add aborted]:  there is no version here; do cvs checkout first

And, have performed a checkout specifying project2:

cvs server:  can not find module project2
cvs [checkout aborted]:  can not expand modules

FYI on this one:  I have the root directory at 777.  According to doc, this
is a permission problem. Anyone can
write to it. ????.  And the account coming in has the proper groupid, etc.

And, have performed a checkout specifying project1, and almost, not all, of
the file from this repository are not

cvs checkout:  move away project1/subdir/etc/filename.cpp:  it is in the

Interesting message, but have no clue as to what this might mean.  And, am
betting that the repository is in
a bad state.

FYI:  have been reading the OpenSource Development with CVS book, and other
CVS resource documents.
Please give me a break about RTFM, 'cause I have been.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,


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