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Re: log script which shows diffs of committed files

From: David Sitsky
Subject: Re: log script which shows diffs of committed files
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 14:04:03 +1100

> > I'm wondering if anyone knows the existance of a like script
> > which in the email message also reports the diffs of the files that have
> > been commited.  I am happy to write it myself, but thought I'd check here
> > first before re-inventing the wheel.
> I wrote one. It is currently used where I work and in Wine's repository.
> For a sample output, check the CVS log archives for Wine:
> Let me know if you want it.

Looks great!  Please send me a copy.  Thanks.

Assuming the use of bugzilla (or some other bug tracking system), what would 
be really neat would be to have the ability to enter a bug ID when you 
commit, and then the patch that is generated could be attached as say a 
bugzilla attachment for that bug (using a CGI POST perl script say).

That way, when people search for  bugs and problems, it trivial for them to 
see what changes were made to "fix" bugs.  At my last place of work, they had 
this set up using a commerical source control and bug tracking systems.

Has anyone written scripts to do this kind of thing?  I found this to be 
really useful when identifying broken fixes.  Its also interesting to see 
fixes to problems in general, and it seems logical to attach these kinds of 
patches to the bugzilla database.


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