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Re: compile error of cvs-1.10 on Solaris-7

From: Jin Zhao
Subject: Re: compile error of cvs-1.10 on Solaris-7
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 22:44:37 -0500 (CDT)

> Jin Zhao writes:
> > 
> > When building cvs-1.10 on Solaris-7, the compiler always give errors of
> > conttents of server.c.
> > I tried different dowload methods and diffrent version of gcc, but the
> > error always happen. However, cvs-1.10-5 build smoothly. I look at the
> > code in server.c, it looks ok. I just wonder
> > what happens in cvs-1.10. 
> There were problems with the configure script -- why don't you just get
> the latest release (1.11) from

I need cvs-1.10 support to read binary files using a wrapper
file. CVS-1.11 seems remove the support. If the problem is in configure
file, where is the problem ? 

I build cvs-1.10.5 smoothly, and compare the files in it with cvs-1.10,
and find little difference. However, I still don't know what cause
cvs-1.10 failed to compile. I even try gcc2.7.2 as the INSTALL mentioned.
One interesting thing is if I remove gssapi from the system, the
configureation file can't find gssapi, then the compilbe finishes
smoothly. However, the built cvs doesn't work. Since as a client, it is
required to be authenticated.


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