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Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: Repository know who has checkouts?
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 13:05:23 -0400

OK, I think the following solution might satisfy all:
   If "Watch=On" is in CVSROOT/config, then everything within the repository is
   watched.  There is no need to update or search through the fileattr files.
   "cvs watch on/off" emits an error.
   If "Watch=On" is not in CVSROOT/config, then everything works as it does now.

Note that I am not volunteering to implement any solution -- I'm just helping to
hash out a solution.


address@hidden on 2000.10.06 11:43:34

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Subject:  Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

Noel L Yap wrote:

> What about getting rid of "cvs watch on/off" altogether and making this
> a configuration parameter inside CVSROOT/config?

I wouldn't object to a parameter to change the default watch status or the like
it didn't remove the old behavior, but it doesn't seem necessary.  See below.

> The main difference I see is
> the granularity of "cvs watch on/off".  However, I think teams tend to use
> watch on/off" for the entire repository, anyway.  In fact, I think there may
> a feature (or bug) in which new modules do not get "cvs watch on" if the team
> already deems all modules to have "cvs watch on".

I was just playing around and it seems that 'cvs watch' stores a 'fileattr' for
each directory as well as for each file and that this is where the watched
for new files and directories is inherited from.  I also double checked that
can be applied to the top level directory, so why not:

    cvs co -l .
    cvs watch on

to make sure that new modules inherit the repository watch status?

As for the current granularity, I think it is important.  The example is three
teams at the same company sharing a CVS repository.  Two use 'cvs watch' by
default and one does not.


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