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Re: synchronize two repositories

From: Lars-Christian Schulze
Subject: Re: synchronize two repositories
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 16:04:16 +0200 (MEST)

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, [x-user-defined] W.Pröpper wrote:

> We have the problem that we have to synchronize the sources of two
> repositories. We are two independant companies with their own cvs
> repositories and we build the software with the sources of both
> repositories. I think there are two possibilities:
> 1. checkout from both repositories and building the software with both
> working directories
> 2. checkout one repository and import it to the other
> Are there any other ways to synchronize the repositories ? Are there any
> experinces with the same or a similar problem ?

If I understand you right you need to have the sources of both companies
at each location.  Do you need to have write access to the foreign
sources?  In this case I would suggest to access the foreign repository
directly via client/server.  You should avoid to have two independent
copies of one repository with full write access. Sooner or later this will
lead to unresolvable conflicts.

I you only need to have read access to the foreign repository I would
suggest the following:

 -  Export the foreign sources at the foreing repository and import them
    into yours as a vendor branch.

 -  Or Use CvsUp.  This is a general mirroring tool with special support
    for CVS repositories.  It's part of FreeBSD, but also available for Linux.
    Look at


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