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Setting up file - getting towards to commit emails.

From: Peter Disiot
Subject: Setting up file - getting towards to commit emails.
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 17:52:20 -0000

Hello All
With regards to sending notification emails to a group, I'm aware that it 
is possible to setup aliaises for many people etc.  However my problem lies 
in the setting up.  I'm running freebsd, and I can't seem to find the 
contrib directory let alone the file.  I'm relatively new to the 
unix world!  What is the file, and how does it get configured.  I 
understand this may be complex, so if there is other reference material out 
there other than the Cederqvist, I would be grateful to know about, and for 
any pointers, reference material etc.
Again thanks in advance,

Systems Reality Pty Ltd
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Email:   address@hidden

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