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cvs add `find ./`

From: Rob
Subject: cvs add `find ./`
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 22:15:58 -0700
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Hello all,

Sorry if this is covered in a FAQ, I have not
seen this particular situation covered.

I am using CVS not only for development, but
also as part of a build system. I use a two
repositories for this, one is named "src",
one is named "bin".

I have a few scripts that are in charge of
checking out specific releases from src, compiling
the sources and checking them into bin.

This works very well, allowing me to use CVSup to
roll back and forth between builds on our production

However, I have one annoyance: when I compile and
copy src to bin, there may be new files involved.
The way I do this now is a simple "cvs add `find ./`"
This does work, but puts out a horrendous amount
of output that I simply throw away ( normally
the scripts checks for error levels following each
command, but in this case the level is always "1"
with an error of "file already exists as x.x.x".

Is there any way to tell CVS that I want to
add only new files to the repository? Perhaps if
I "cvs diff $file" and check the error level for
each file?

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