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Re: problems importing into a branch

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: problems importing into a branch
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:10:08 -0400

Vendor branches don't work that way.  I'd probably:

1)  complete the import/merge so that the main trunk looked like it should
(meaning resolving any conflicts created by the import).

2)  create a new branch off the main trunk

3)  merge the changes from the old branch forward onto the new branch and use 
new branch intead of the old one.


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Andy Dean wrote:

> I am having problems using cvs import to import onto an existing branch. I
> am trying to update a module with import, similar to the operation
> described on p73 of the "Cederqvist" document.  I actually want the import
> to work on a branch, though it seems to end up always updating the files on
> the main trunk, which is initially loaded with a similar input.  I think I
> am confused between the branch tags and the vendor tags required by the cvs
> import command.  Anybody have a clear explanation of how to do this operation?
> (I am trying to stuff an existing system into CVS.  First I import the
> current production code, then I create a branch for development.  I want to
> import the existing development code to update the development
> branch.  After some additional changes I plan to merge the development
> branch back to the main trunk.)
> Thanks for any help.
> Andy

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