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remote connection from LAN

From: okamenik
Subject: remote connection from LAN
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:19:57 -0000
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If we put our CVS repository to Internet (I mean the machine will get
a public address), is it possible to connect there from our LAN? Our
LAN doesn't use public Internet addresses and is connected to Internet
via some gateway which has a public address. I am not a networking
expert. But for instance telnet from my local machine doesn't connect
to the outer world. Will CVS work and how? A competetive product
StarTeam works from our local machines to Internet, so it might be
possible to get CVS working this way as well. Does anybody know how?
And if it is not possible, can anybody (or better some networking
expert) explain me why? Is there still any workaround (e.g. some
module to the kernel of our gateway)?

Many thanks for your ideas

Ondra K.

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