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Re: Isolating baseline from checkins

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Isolating baseline from checkins
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 14:01:45 -0400

Matthew Berney wrote:

> Are there any scripts out there to help a developer keep track of the files
> being worked on.  For example, looking at this problem from the developer's
> point of view:
>   1)  Update to the baseline
>   2)  Update "my files" to the tip
>   3)  When ready to "integrate" changes to the baseline, tag "my files".

The obvious problem here is that if developer X changes files a.c and b.c in an
interdependent way (i.e. b.c won't compile without a.c & vice versa), then
developer Y comes in and grabs the tip versions of b.c & d.c to do some work,
developer Y still has to figure out why her code won't compile.

> How do people use CVS in a large organization?  How do you isolate the
> baseline from developers checkins?

It's not exactly what you seem to be asking for, but something like Tinderbox
from might do the trick.  It runs periodic compilations and even
test scripts, I believe, coordinated across several platforms, then if there
are any problems it will back out all of the checkins since the last good test
run and mail all of the developers who have checked data in an email informing
them that their changes have been backed out because something didn't compile
or pass test and that they should try merging their changes again.

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