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Re: Create subplots inside a subplot

From: Lukas Reichlin
Subject: Re: Create subplots inside a subplot
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 17:22:39 +0200

On 29.05.2013, at 14:40, PetrSt <address@hidden> wrote:

> try
> subplot(4,2,1); plot(1:10);
> subplot(4,2,3); plot(1:10);
> subplot(2,2,2); plot(10:-1:1);
> subplot(2,2,3); plot(10:-1:1);
> For this simple example it works sufficiently, but I'm not sure what it will
> do with xlabels etc.

Hmm, that doesn't help me much, since I need to call subplot inside bode.


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