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Re: New development for emacs's octave-mode

From: c.
Subject: Re: New development for emacs's octave-mode
Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 12:05:21 +0200

On 5 May 2013, at 07:23, Leo Liu <address@hidden> wrote:

> The error message isn't particularly helpful. Will you be able to grab
> this octave.el from and test
> it?
> Leo

This version seems to work, if I type

C-h d <function name>

I see the help for the Octave functio <function name>.

Cool, thanks!

BTW, I am running Octave 3.7.3+ and a nightly build of 
I noticed that

M-x run-octave

will run Octave in GUI mode, then Emacs will freeze and I won't be able
to get it back even after killing Octave.

Of course adding "--no-gui" to the startup arguments of Octave inferior mode 
fixes this,
but I wonder why Emacs freezes without it, and whether there is a way to avoid 

Do you think "--no-gui" should be in the startup arguments list by default?

Thanks for your amzing work!

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