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Re: Help-octave Digest, Vol 68, Issue 62

From: Joe Smith
Subject: Re: Help-octave Digest, Vol 68, Issue 62
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 09:27:45 -0800 (PST)

I am still attempting to get 64-bit indexing working with the latest Octave.

Looking at SuiteSparse-3.6.1

# With METIS, CCOLAMD, CAMD, and the Partition Module:
LIB2 = ../Lib/libcholmod.a ../../AMD/Lib/libamd.a ../../COLAMD/Lib/libcolamd.a \
        ../../CCOLAMD/Lib/libccolamd.a ../../CAMD/Lib/libcamd.a \
        $(METIS) $(LAPACK) $(BLAS) $(XERBLA) $(LIB)
# Use this instead, if you compile with -DNPARTITION:
# LIB2 = ../Lib/libcholmod.a ../../AMD/Lib/libamd.a ../../COLAMD/libcolamd.a \
        $(LAPACK) $(BLAS) $(XERBLA) $(LIB)

I would assume that the second LIB2 is to be used even though there is no mention of this in the Octave document.  I assume that:


should be:


I believe it's safe to say Octave was not tested with this version or the changes to the Makefile were just not documented.

Looking at in SuiteSparse-3.1.0,  it does not have the line


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