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string-arrays - different behavior of{} in Win2000 and debian linux

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: string-arrays - different behavior of{} in Win2000 and debian linux
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:28:12 -0600

On 13-Nov-2003, Joerg Schreiber <address@hidden> wrote:

| ee.m worked on octave for win2000, but on debian-linux I get this error.
| where can I find help about how to work with string-cell-arrays, I have 
| a lot of problems there and dont know which kind of brackets () {}  I 
| have to use when.
| octave:9> ee
| uhrload = 0.0036120
| error: string cannot be indexed with {
| error: evaluating assignment expression near line 19, column 7
| error: evaluating if command near line 17, column 1
| error: evaluating for command near line 16, column 1
| error: near line 34 of file `/home/jsch/matlab/ee.m'

I'm not sure what you mean by string-cell-arrays.  Do you mean a cell
array containing only strings?  If so, then you should be able to
index the cell array with {}.  As far as I know, the only kind of
object that has ever allowed indexing with {} is a cell array.
Strings and other matrix-like objects can only be indexed with ().

If you think you've found a bug in Octave, please submit a complete
report to the bug-octave mailing list.  If you're not sure what to
include in a report so that it is useful, please read before sending your report.

Also, although it is not absolutely necessary to have a _small_
example that demonstrates the problem, it does make things easier than
if you provide a large script that may require external data files and
functions (unless those are key to demonstrating the bug).  In other
words, if you have a problem that you can't fix, then you should be
willing to do a little work to make it easier on the people who can
fix it.



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