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improvement vander() routine

From: Christoph Dalitz
Subject: improvement vander() routine
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:20:29 +0100

Dear Octave maintainers,

while palying with the vander() routine, I have observed that its code
(octave 2.1.35) uses two loops for the costruction of the matrix.

The attached code myvander.m cuts down the construction time considerably,
as it only uses one loop:

        octave> t=cputime(); vander(0.9*ones(1,100)); t=cputime()-t
        t = 0.49000
        octave> t=cputime(); myvander(0.9*ones(1,100)); t=cputime()-t
        t = 0.01000

Maybe this could be included in a future octave version.

Christoph Dalitz

If this is not the right list for sending patches, please let me know
where to send it instead.

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