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Re: GMP + Octave Interpreter

From: pkienzle
Subject: Re: GMP + Octave Interpreter
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 06:45:41 -0000

On 3 Nov 2003 at 8:04, Tomer Altman wrote: 
> On Nov 3, 2003 at 12:39am, address@hidden wrote:
> pkienz >The better solution to my mind is an archive of octave
> pkienz >extensions tied directly into octave so that users
> pkienz >can discover what packages are available and
> pkienz >download them as needed.  However, to date nobody
> pkienz >has put such a beast together.
> Wait, I don't follow you here. You mean instead of the Octave-Forge
> index, there should be a menu of extensions to Octave ("*.oct files")
> that are bundled with the main distro, and those that are provided by
> Octave-Forge, for means of comparison? I'm confused.

Not everyone wants every package, and some packages
are large or specialized.  Rather than installing
octave-forege as a monolithic package, it should be 
possible to install individual components as needed.

Also not every package that supports octave is part of 
octave-forge. We need a service where people can 
register their packages with enough information that 
they can be automatically built tested and installed 
on various octave platforms.  Users can then download 
the prebuilt packages for their architecture, or
download the source and build it themselves.

Paul Kienzle

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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