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Re: any hope for gcc-2.5.5???

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: any hope for gcc-2.5.5???
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 93 15:46:39 CST

James Preston <address@hidden> wrote:

: I have tried several times now to compile octave, most recently
: with gcc-2.5.5 libg++-2.5.1 GNU make-3.69, on my SS10 (SunOS4.1.3).
: I have consistently failed miserably.

Version 0.80 (due soon) should work with gcc 2.5.5 or 2.5.6.

Unfortunately, it may not work with versions of gcc earlier than 2.5.5
unless you are willing to do some hacking.

: Today the errors were in
: the liboctave directory where the compiler did not like the fact that
: the
: = operator for the SCHUR class had two arguments (line 2537 of
: Matrix.h in octave-0.79/liboctave)
: this seemed like a reasonable complaint to me.

This is a bug.  It's safe to delete the extra argument from the
declaration and the function definition.


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